Personal Policies


  • I will trade Rares for Rares, and Commons for Commons.
  • I will not necessarily keep pull prices in mind when trading.
  • I will be as fair as I can.


  • I will price commons at pull prices, and
  • I will mark up rares.


  • I’ll answer.
  • Just be patient. I’m a student, and sometimes I’m preoccupied with RL.
  • I get IMs via e-mail, so even if they cap, I’ll see them.
  • So, you know, drop me an IM.
  • Or a notecard.


  • I am no longer posting the link to this blog into The Arcade group chat.
  • In fact, I have left that group.
  • It was fun while it lasted.
  • I decided to move to this blog format because juggling separate, growing Google documents and keeping them accurate was increasingly impossible. While I have kept Arcade and other Gacha event lists clearly separated, even links to non-Arcade content is apparently verboten by said group. (I understand that the rules exist to keep the group from devolving into spam, but I wrongly assumed that there was any bit of leeway at all. We mustn’t even consider revealing that anything exists besides the Arcade and the barter system.)
  • Anyway, I am very glad you found this blog, anyway!

Thank you!

– Cicadetta Stillwater


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